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New Books

Here’s a few new titles I have added to my wish list:

Clean Code – Robert C. Martin

Implementation Patterns – Kent Beck

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning – Andy Hunt

The Productive Programmer – Neal Ford

Developers Need To Know The Business Goals

I completely agree with Jason Gorman’s statement that developers need to know the business goals for a project.

As I developer, I like to know the vision behind a project and the business purpose behind developing a feature. It helps me to focus my effort, make the right decisions and deliver the most value to the business. Most other developers I know feel the same way. It’s what motivates us – we all want to know that the work we are doing is helping the business to succeed. One of the worst things a manager can do is try to isolate or “protect” the developers from the business goals. It can result in a demotivated and disgruntled team that doesn’t share the vision the business has for the work they are doing.