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Adventures In Ruby

I’ve recently been learning a bit about the Ruby programming language. What really struck a chord with me was watching Dave Thomas’ series of screencasts. These provide an excellent introduction to object-oriented programming in Ruby. There is a small fee per episode, but if you’re interested in a good introduction to Ruby, then I’d highly recommend trying at least the first three episodes.

I’m really excited about what Ruby can offer in terms of dynamic functionality. It’s a bit of a mind-shift coming from the more class-oriented perspective of C# and Java, into a truly dynamic object-oriented environment. But it’s this dynamism that let you be more expressive without being constrained by existing classes, or the type system of the language.

I have yet to look into Iron Ruby, which is the upcoming implementation of Ruby in .NET. But it’s exciting to think that we can use features of .NET with the expressiveness of Ruby.

For more information, check out this Alt.NET podcast.

And of course Dave Thomas’ screencasts mentioned above!